АУКП 2016 | ХХIX Международный Конгресс

3 - 7 октября 2016 г. в Вене, Австрия

The Association of Space Explorers XXIX Planetary Congress from 03-07 October 2016 in Vienna wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous support of our volunteers and our numerous partners!

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Обзор ХХIX Международный Конгресс
ASE Welcome Dinner & AustroMir Anniversary
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Организаторы АУКП & Контакт

OeWF LogoФранц Фибёк в сотрудничестве с Австрийским космическим форумом


Контакт: OeWF Office Innsbruck, info@oewf.org
СМИ: Mrs. Monika Fischer, monika.fischer@oewf.org

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#ASE29 News
a roadmap to heaven — technology and future science

a roadmap to heaven — technology and future science

a recap of ASE day4 The last public accessible day of the planetary congress takes place in the beautiful venue of the Austrian academy of science. High above the head of the speakers it is written in golden letters: “CAVSARUM […]
#ASE29 goes West, South, East and North

#ASE29 goes West, South, East and North

Yesterday was the traditional ASE Community Day. This means the astronauts and cosmonauts of the Association of Space Explorers visited schools, university, companies, cities and much more. As so many Social Media Reporters were out there to cover the day, […]
“6 years of training for 6 hours in space”

“6 years of training for 6 hours in space”

a recap of day two – daily insights into an astronauts life, perspectives on Asian spaceflight and loads of “born to explore” The day starts with Sergei Krikalov giving an introduction into the history and future of international space programs. […]